the truth is if a werewolf behaved like this psychopath it wouldn't be
because he was part animal,

but because he was still too human.
only humans kill for sport.

андромеда и мери

old moon madness has struck again tonight

[nick]Andromeda Tonks[/nick][status]here comes the sun[/status][icon][/icon][sign]в мене відчуття, що я під небом нічним
ти знаєш , а зорі також співають
їх чути за великими полями
[/sign][lz]<lz1>андромеда тонкс</lz1><lz2>j.k. rowling's wizarding world</lz2><lz> don't want a silver dollar, rabbit's foot on a string, the happiness in <a href="">your</a> warm caress no rabbit's foot can bring.</lz>[/lz]

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